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2008 DRA Finalist in the Science Fiction Category

Spanning 237 years, The Tento Saga is a future-fiction epic that outlines a tumultuous and brutal path. Civil wars, a mass exodus from Earth and political turmoil, these trying times threaten to break the human spirit.

The Exile follows mankind’s relocation to Planet Tento. An enigmatic plague renders Planet Earth uninhabitable. While battling a madman hell-bent on mankind’s extinction, Earth’s brutal leader spearheads the effort to save the human race.

Memoirs of a Tyrant takes us back in time to discover Zonfer’s journey to ultimate power. In 2993, he is merely a ground troop in the Austrian Armed Forces. By 3020, his defense corporation has global influence.

Origins of Annihilation follows the mission of Dr. Tobias Schiller, a biochemist at the Tentonian Institute of Science. 200 years after The Exile, the discovery of a cure to the plague that decimated Earth makes it possible to make a return to mankind’s former home.

The Culmination tells the final entry of the epic in a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Politics, war and deception threaten to break the fragile trust that binds the utopian existence on Tento. At the end, a new reality awaits.

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